Painters In Peoria, IL Share 7 Living Room Color Ideas That Warm up Your Space

We all want our living rooms to be warm and welcoming. There are many things we can do to make the living room feel cozy, but it all starts with the paint color. The paint color in the room really sets the tone for the whole atmosphere for the space, despite what décor or furniture is in there. So, whether you just bought a new home or are looking to re-paint, keep reading to find out some of the best living room color ideas to warm up your living room from your local painters in Peoria, IL.

Dark Earthy Green Colors

green earthy tonesGreen will welcome calmness and serenity into the space. It adds a hint of nature as well. It looks best paired with neutral brown tones.




Red Isn’t Just For The Holidays

faux finishThis may not be the color you think of when you think of soothing, but it can be! Red can go a long way if you pick the right shade. A rich, deep shade of red will give you the best of both worlds by making a statement while also being cozy.



Who Doesn’t Love A Blue Sky. Bring It Indoors

Nursery Painting

A lot of shades of blue are relaxing and welcoming but we love light blue for the living room. It looks great paired with creams, tans, and whites. It creates an effortlessly cozy atmosphere.



Cream, Gold, and, Yellow Oh My

Dining Room PaintingA rich cream color looks gorgeous in the living room and can be paired with so many different colors. A soft gold shade looks elegant and inviting. It looks gorgeous when paired with cream furniture and décor. Light yellow walls paired with gray décor and furniture will give your living room a unique and warm look.



Everything Can Be Peachy Keen

Peachy PaintThis is a fun way to add some color into the living room. It looks great in beach inspired rooms. It looks pretty when paired with grays or creams.




Many Shades Of White

Interior Home PaintingYou don’t want to choose a true white but go for a warm white shade that has lots of warm undertones instead. Pair it with different shades of white, cream and tan to create the perfect cozy living room.



Call The Professionals

Interior Paint Walk ThroughIf you’re still interested in painting but it seems like a big job, why not bring in some help. Our professional painters in Peoria, IL  to create a beautiful outcome on your painting project. Call us today to set up a free, in-home estimate.