Why Painting Is a Property Management Must-Do

Posted on May 14, 2017

Why Painting Is a Property Management Must-Do

Are you trying to get the inside track on distinguishing your condo and apartment rentals from the competition? A fresh coat of paint is a simple yet significant way to make a beautiful impression.

Here’s a closer look at why professional painting offers excellent ROI, along with tips for getting the job done right.

Why Painting Matters

The list of considerations is long for property managers in today’s intensely competitive housing rental market. How do you know which upgrades and renovation projects will deliver the most bang for your buck? Painting lands at the top of this list. Why? Because not only does it make a huge aesthetic difference, but it’s also a major marketing opportunity.

The Maintenance Mandate

But painting your managed properties is about much more than aesthetics. Not only does exterior painting make any property shine at a relatively low cost, but it’s also an investment in avoiding costly deferred maintenance costs, which can escalate into bigger, more expensive problems if not promptly and comprehensively addressed. Additionally, a professional paint job will last significantly longer than an amateur one—saving both time and money in the long run. In short, exterior painting protects the value of the building itself.

How do you know if a property is in need of painting? Dry rot, paint chipping and peeling, extreme cracking and breaking at the base of the building, and color fading are all indications that a building is a candidate for painting. Additionally, if caulking around doors and windows is showing signs of age, painting can help restore a property to its full potential.

Investing in Retention

Routine painting is also an investment in your relationships with your current tenants. In fact, multifamily real estate investment expert Theresa Bradley-Banta Real Estate Consultancy lists both “curb appeal” and “property refreshes” as valuable tenant retention strategies. “In a highly competitive market, it’s critical to show your residents that their ‘home’ is getting some love,” says Bradley-Banta. “Simple property refreshes such as new paint, landscaping, and updated common areas and units will go a long way in helping you outperform your competition.”

Not to mention that when you invest in keeping your properties looking their best, tenants are likely to return the favor by doing the same.

Simple property refreshes such as new paint, landscaping, and updated common areas and units will go a long way in helping you outperform your competition.

Choosing Your Painting Partners

The benefits of outsourcing a painting project versus keeping it in-house are profound. Not only is the process surprisingly complex and multi-factored to the lay-person, but it can also direct the attention of property managers away from other tasks that can only be handled in-house. By working with reputable painters with proven multi-unit expertise, however, you gain the confidence of knowing that the task is in qualified hands while simultaneously freeing yourself and your team up to focus on other mission-critical property management responsibilities.

Enter CertaPro Painters. As North America’s largest residential and commercial painting company with more than 350 franchise owners throughout North America, CertaPro Painters aren’t just experts in interior and exterior painting projects for managed properties of all sizes, but they also offer unparalleled communication and consummate customer service throughout the process. In other words, they manage the project so you don’t have to.

The old adage insists that “You can’t judge a book by its cover.”  While this may apply in some situations, it couldn’t be further from the truth when it comes to property management. The reality is that the appearance of your rental properties can make or break your operation, and a fresh, professional paint job from CertaPro Painters is the single-most compelling way to give your condo and apartment rentals a business-boosting makeover.



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