Patricia CollinsOffice Assistant

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After working in retail as a young adult I realized that retail was not for me. I then went on to become an Office Assistant where I felt right at home. Unfortunately. In the summer of 2011 I was placed at Rainin Instrument by Youth Uprising to assist the accounting team as an Accounts Receivable. From there I worked in Accounting for a couple years within different companies. I noticed Accounting was not one of my favorite things to do either, but it allowed me to have some financial stability but still felt as though I was still missing something, so I kept looking. In 2017, I applied with Certapro Painters and it has been a wise decision and very beneficial. My position allows me to spend time more time with my 3 children; being able to go on field trips is something that I love doing and since Certapro has a very family-oriented owner and employees as well they provide me with the flexibility I need.