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Should you Paint or Stain your Deck? 

Whether you have a new or old wooden deck you will want to choose a finish for it in order to protect it from moisture and other weather damage. This will ensure your deck lasts as long as possible. You have to decide whether you are going to paint your deck or stain it. There are a couple differences between the two including the appearance, maintenance, cost, and durability. There are pro’s and con’s to both of the options it really comes down to personal preference. To help you understand the difference, we put together a couple of the most asked questions regarding deck painting and staining here in Bellaire.

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Commonly Asked Deck Staining vs. Painting Questions 

Which is cheaper?

Staining your deck is cheaper.


Stain is more natural looking. It forms a thin film that allows the natural pattern of the wood to show through. On the other hand, paint will completely fill the pores of the wood. This will hide all of the woods pattern and look more manufactured. It is completely up to you and your personal preference.

Stain can be painted.

If you decide to stain your deck and then later decide you want to paint it, you won’t have a problem doing so. Stain is very easily painted over. However, going from paint to stain is not so simple.

You have more options with paint.

Your color options are endless if you decide to paint your deck. However, if you stain it you are more limited to natural wood tones.

Painting your deck will last longer than staining it.

Paint on your deck can typically last 10 years or more before needing to be re-painted. Stains may only last 1-8 years depending on outside factors such as heat-related discoloration. Paint is also easier to maintain. It provides a dry surface that allows for an easier cleaning process. Stain can be more difficult to clean due to its matte finish and may require a pressure washer.

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- Tia B. | Houston, TX

Tia B. | Houston, TX

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