26 February 2020

How to Remove Stains from Walls Safely

When we find stains on the walls in our homes it can be very frustrating and can leave us wondering how to remove stains from walls safely. Especially if it is an older stain that was hidden and has had time to set in. Don’t worry though, there are ways to ensure your walls lookRead the full article

24 January 2020

5 Tips for Painting Closets

Although painting your closets may be the least of your concerns when it comes to the aesthetics of your home, they are still important. Well painted and correctly painted closet spaces really help to pull the entire home together. It is also important to make sure the paint you choose is optimal for what aRead the full article

21 December 2019

Remove Marker, Crayon or Pen Off Your Wall

Amidst the holiday season, many of us will be hosting family and friends at our homes. We want our house to be at its best, but we all know the frustration of stained walls. Whether it be marks from shoes, crayon/pen/marker stains, or just those mystery stains that you’re still unsure as to how theyRead the full article

20 November 2019

15 Ways to Brighten Your Home During Winter

Less sunlight and greenery can sure bring down your mood during the winter. But it doesn’t have to be dark and drab. Use these ideas to bring new warmth in your home. Here are 15 ways to brighten your home during winter. 1) Trade Bulbs There are huge differences in the light given off fromRead the full article

24 October 2019

Top 5 Living Room Paint Colors

Timeless colors can add beauty to your home and create a sanctuary for your family to live in. With such a tall order, it can be intimidating to try to choose from the plethora of color cards at the home improvement store. Your space should be yours but also lend itself to the feelings youRead the full article

01 October 2019

CertaPro Painters Offers Paint It Pink this October

As we head into autumn, you may be looking at drab walls and dinged doorways. Before the family dinners and holiday events, get your home in tip top shape with new paint. Book your Paint It Pink project for October and a portion of the proceeds will benefit Breast Cancer Research Foundation. values both ourRead the full article

20 September 2019

How to Choose a Professional House Painter

Opening up your home to the potential mess and to the painting crews required for a paint job can be challenging, even for the most calm and centered among us. You want to choose a painting company that is experienced and knowledgeable in the painting business. Here is what to look for when choosing aRead the full article