How to Hire Professional House Painters

Most homeowners will admit that hiring a house painter is not something they think about often. With many homes needing paint only once a decade or so, this isn’t a service that is commonly and frequently necessary. So when the time comes, here is help on how to hire professional house painters.

Get Started

Find and Meet the Professionals. 

Start with references from family and friends. If this isn’t available, begin with a search of the internet. Most areas will turn up quite a few results. It’s important to take into consideration reviews and ratings across the internet when choosing those you meet with. Remember that third party sites like Yelp, Google and Thumbtack will show a more unbiased view of the work the company does.

Schedule estimate appointments with at least 3 providers. This will give you a good idea of the going rate and offers with each painting company. Remember how they treat you throughout the estimate process. Be sure to ask questions of each so you are comfortable with the estimate provided. Be clear about your expectations and let the estimator know if there areas of concern or damage to be included in the work.

State your expectations. Get details about the number of coats, quality of paint and preparation expected on your painting project. Ask how the crew handles unexpected changes while on the jobsite to be sure you aren’t hit with unexpected costs upon completion.


Review estimates.Most estimators for paint will provide you with a written estimate after your meeting. You’ll want to look for a breakdown of labor, materials and details about the quality of paint and repairs to be completed.

Check references and past work. Any painter with their salt will be happy to provide you with references and photos of previous work. A history of good references is a good sign, but remember, companies are not likely to give you those customers who had a challenging experience. Because of this, get some more unbiased reviews online as well.

Consider credentials. Before signing with any company, be sure their credentials are in order. You’ll want to ask for insurance, workman’s comp policies and certifications as required by local government. These are all carried by professional painters and protect you, the crew and the property should the worst happen on the jobsite.

Contracts and More

Get a contract. Before any dates are scheduled or work begins, you want a contract in place. This should include basic information for the painting company. It should also detail out the work to be completed, insurance policies and payment expectations.

Ask about a warranty. Painters will typically warranty their work. Likely you’ll get a copy of the full details of the policy should anything happen to your paint. Corrections should be offered for chipping, peeling, flaking or other issues. It will detail out the issues they will fix and for how long you can expect the paint to remain intact.

Payments. Never pay more than 50% up front. Be wary of any painters asking for this. Typically, customers are asked to put a down payment on the job. This allows the company to secure dates, a crew and supplies for the project. To ensure the painting is done to your liking, the second half of the payment is not due until the project is completed.

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