8 Simple Home Improvement Projects that will Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Every year you should do a full inspection of your home’s exterior paint. If you find that it is in decent condition with no repairs needed, don’t lose your excitement for an exterior update. How about trying smaller home improvement projects? You can still make a difference in the look of your home before you need a full paint job.

Here are 8 budget home improvement projects guaranteed to raise curb appeal

Front Door

Use the palette currently on your home and pair in a color for your front door. Adding a new color to the door draws the eyes to it. As the front entrance, this is a weekend project that makes your home feel fresh again. If you are working with a mostly neutral color palette, opt for something bright. Think barn red, butter yellow, royal blue or deep black. To further the look, add a wreath to the door that coordinates.

Fence Update

Fences edge your yard, setting your property apart from the neighbors. Besides creating security for your house, the fence can be a stylish addition. Fences quickly become old and tired. Whether you are working with a wooden fence or metal, either could benefit from an update of a new stain or paint. As an added benefit the coating will protect the fence and prolong its life. Consider colors beyond typical clear, black and white. Make your fence a stand out piece on your property with gray, blue or green.

Tend Gardens

It’s an annual task for spring to replant gardens and flower beds. While you’re working in the dirt, consider adding some more color with a brick or plastic edger. This will help define the garden from the grass. It also gives you the opportunity to add color in the form of paint. Add bright or coordinating colors to your home’s palette to make the garden seem thought out and stylish.

Spring Clean Outside

The winter tends to leave dirt and grime in places once the snow and rain drains away. Use a hose or power washer to blast away the dirt. A fresh wash can make the difference between a dingy home that blends in and a fresh, clean home that feels awake and ready for summer.

Be careful with power washers not to overpower the property with too much PSI. Start lower and work your way up to avoid causing divots and damage. It’s easier to begin lower and deal with remaining stains than replace damaged pieces outside your home. Also be wary of some cleansers. Home improvement stores have dozens of options of cleaners to use in conjunction with a power washer or hose. Some of these cleaners can damage or kill plantlife below. Be aware of chemical inclusions before you start working.

Add Coordinated Storage

Some municipalities require homeowners to create spaces for unsightly items. A well thought out property will have hiding spaces for items like recycling containers, garbage cans and air conditioners. Add a short fence that is painted the same color of your home to make the unsightly totally hidden.

Repair Driveway Issues

Driveways typically require maintenance regularly. Shifting ground underneath can cause cracks and bulges in the driveway. If you have a concrete driveway, a good sealing or painting can hide imperfections and give you another few seasons from this pour. For a driveway that disappears, opt for a deep gray or black paint. Otherwise, pair it to your home’s colors. Seal large cracks and roll several coats of paint to give the driveway a finished look.

Make the Windows Sparkle

Take the time to thoroughly clean your windows. Once they are sparkling, finish the project by painting the trim around the windows. Sometimes a home that is nearly due for an exterior paint job can be updated with a trim painting. A fresh, crisp trim can breathe new life into an old paint job. As an added benefit, your trim will already be done when you do decide to paint your exterior.

Update Light Fixtures

Light fixtures can show age really quickly. What was a matte black lantern last season quickly turns into a splotchy, rusty mess. Replacing light fixtures can be an expensive undertaking for the size of the item. Rather than replacing the lights annually, take them down and repaint them. If possible, take the glass out of the light fixture or tape it off. Use a wire brush to remove rusty areas. Then paint the lantern a new color or fresh coating of the same color. Reassemble it and rehang it.

Get an Estimate

If you have performed these tasks and your home’s exterior isn’t where you want it, you might need to consider an exterior paint job to boost your curb appeal. Schedule a free, no-obligation estimate appointment with your CertaPro painters today.