5 Things to Consider When Hiring Interior Painters

Painting the interior of your home is an important, but sometimes very intrusive task. For many people, letting in strangers to touch your things can be stressful. You want to hire interior painters that will take special care completing your project and handle your belongings with respect. Picking a person or company from a list almost seems impossible.

However, going into the project informed and prepared will ease your nerves and help you feel good about who you hired.

Here are 5 things to consider when hiring an interior painter for your home:

  • Get More than One Estimate

Cost will always be a factor in home improvement projects. Painting projects can take a big chunk out of your home improvement budget. You need to know what the final cost will be before you sign a contract.

Typically, an estimator will meet with you and take measurements, discuss any repairs and get a feel for the entire project. Afterward, you should receive an itemized list of products and services offered by the company along with the estimated total cost of the project.

Free estimates are common in the home improvement industry. So why not get 2 or 3 estimates? You are able to shop around, get information and choose the company that you feel most comfortable working with.

  • Project Communications

Most painting projects will take more than one day to complete. So it is important to establish a plan for communicating with the contractors. This keeps you “in the know” about what is going on throughout the project.

Prior to beginning the project, you should establish when you want to be updated and how they can reach you in case of an emergency. Do not sabotage your project by not communicating your expectations in the beginning. Many issues can be avoided by implementing a plan for good communication between the painting professionals and you.

  • Color Help

Color selection can cause all kinds of issues when painting the interior of your home. The amount of hues and variances can overwhelm even the most savvy homeowners. Most professional painting companies have color consultants on staff to help you decide on a color scheme. Take advantage of their expertise and listen to their suggestions.

Working with a color consultant can help you choose colors that compliment your decor and make you feel good about your renovations. Just picking any color without consideration and advice from the pros can cause major headaches down the road. Don’t waste your time and money. Make the most of all the professional expertise available to you.

  • Repairs Needed Prior to Paint

Your project may need some repairs before the paint is applied. Does your contractor provide the repairs or do you need to hire someone else to complete that work? This is an issue you need to discuss with the painting company you hire. Sometimes, small repairs to your walls are included with painting but you need to make sure. This is when your diligence pays off. These are the little details that sometimes get overlooked when hiring contractors.

  • Look at the Reviews

It’s easy for a contractor to provide several happy clients to give you an idea of their work. For a less biased view, go online to some of the major review websites. There are many free websites that provide reviews of service providers in your area. These sites can provide a more thorough look at how companies deal with issues that may come up while providing their services.

Here are links to a few websites that allow customers to review companies based on their experience of doing business with them:

You can discover more information by going to the Better Business Bureau website too. The BBB’s website can tell you if your company has had any issues with past customers. They even give companies a letter grade according to how many complaints they have received. This site will help you avoid disreputable companies & probably a lot of headaches too.

CertaPro Painters is dedicated to listening to your needs and answering any and all of your questions. We treat every property we work at like it’s our own, and our reviews show how well we treat our customers.

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