Exterior Painting

Decatur, Georgia

This stunning home was recently completed in a neighborhood adjacent to downtown Decatur, GA. While the brick was left in its original condition, much of the remaining siding and trim was painted. A couple of job specific notes about this project include:

  • The home was first pressure-washed using a mildicide solution to remove all dirt and mildew for proper finish coat adhesion.
  • We prepped the home for painting following EPA RRP cleanup and containment protocol. We then spot primed the wood and metal surfaces using Sherwin Williams premium products. PrimeRx Peel Bonding Primer was used on areas of bare wood. For the metal substrate, a rust inhibitive alkyd was used in areas that were bare or rusty.
  • Additionally, Sherwin Williams’ Duration was used for the siding and trim topcoat, while a Sherwin Williams Industrial Enamel was used for the wrought iron railings.