Exterior Painting
Decatur, Georgia

This renovated house in Decatur was originally a ranch before it was transformed into this New England style cedar home. When it was time to paint, CertaPro Painters of Atlanta was hired to perform multiple repairs along with a full exterior repaint. This home is the 7th in the immediate surrounding neighborhood that we have painted over the last 3 years. Thank you Decatur for spreading the word about us!

We followed these steps as part of the process:

  1. Identify all wood rot and damaged areas.
  2. Make repairs and replacements of damaged areas.
  3. Reglaze old windows, scrape peeling paint, sand rough edges.
  4. Prime bare wood surfaces, caulk gaps and cracks.
  5. Repaint all exterior surfaces with premium quality paints and stains.

This particular home required several different types of paint products depending on the substrate:

  • Gloss Acrylic paints were used on the trim.
  • Flat Acrylic paints for the novelty siding.
  • Floor enamels for the porch floors.
  • Solid Stain for the cedar shingles.
  • Sherwin-Williams PrepRite primers were used to seal new wood surfaces and old exposed wood surfaces.
  • Stain-blocking shellac-based primers were used selectively where knot-holes and other tannin stain bleed through was a concern.