Jarold MartinBusiness Development Manager

Phone: 866-359-3933

Jarold Martin, the Business Development Manager for CertaPro Painters of Arlington, is always looking for an opportunity to challenge himself everyday and creating a circle of influence who are committed to excellence.  Martin received his B.S. in Music from CUNY Queens College where he had a chance to perform with the QC Guitar Society in Carnegie Hall and travel abroad to Italy and flesh out his ideas as budding composer and musician. After performing and teaching in New York City for a decade, Martin decided it was time for a change and moved down to our nation’s capital of Washington, D.C.

Since 2009, Martin has learned to develop a new set of skills of sales and marketing. Martin has worked with various Fortune 100 and 500 companies like Quill Office Supplies, Liberty Power and even Non-Profit Organizations like Child Fund International and Children International.  Martin is truly lucky to have been part of these experiences because it taught him the value of strong mental fortitude and work ethic.  As the dedicated Commercial Sales Associate for CertaPro Painters in the DC Metro Area, Martin is excited to meet and develop lasting business relationships in his new found home.